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On this site you will find various online tools for doing basic mathematic and scientific calculations such as unit conversions, geometry, radioactive decay extrapolations, etc.

The site is still continually in development and new calculators are gradually added. Suggestions for specific calculators are also welcome. Just contact us.

The left-most navigation lets you select various categories, and the sub-options will appear in the area below them. All of the available calculator subjects are also listed and linked to below.

From any page, click on in the upper left tab to access a basic calculator. (If you can't see the calculator icon, you probably need a better browser. Older versions of IE will not display the demos.)

2014-09-02: Check out this cool book from the XKCD guy: What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

Unit conversions

Always popular are unit converters


Simple math tools


Use with care


Kepler's laws, with orbital animation

Electricity and Magnetism

Electromagentic forces, fields, Maxwell's Equations, Gauss's law, etc.
(under construction)

Mechanical Physics

Classical mechanics

Nuclear Physics

Tools for radioactive decay or growth and imaging


Light, optics, lenses


The science of heat, temperature, work, pressure, entropy, enthalpy, etc.

Not Science

Science isn't everything


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